As we settle into our new home and plan for the season to come .. there are still some untold stories left from the last year. Clara & Caleb’s wedding at Balboa Park, an enchanting metropolitan garden in the heart of San Diego, was a gorgeously delicate mix of emotion and charm. The bride was dressed in a Bridal MD wedding dress and matched with enchanting florals of eucalyptus and summertime berries, for a fresh look ideal for a vintage-inspired yard reception.   Names of the couple: Clara and Caleb O’Connell The Wedding venue: Balboa Park, San Diego “We wanted the day to mirror ourRead More →

The first days after an engagement are heady for the new bride-to-be, buying all the wedding magazines you can find, gazing at wedding dress shops as you drive and happily showing off your new “bling,” of course. In the back of your head, though, you were probably formulating your fantasy wedding from the moment you said “yes” to your potential mate. Planning a day as big as one’s wedding day can be a very exciting – and very stressful – portion of a young woman’s life (or young man, depending on who’s doing the planning). Sometimes the stress overwhelms the excitement, and can result inRead More →

Are you planning an upcoming wedding and feel overwhelmed? It is difficult to plan and execute your wedding day by yourself, even the help of friends and family can still amount to total frustration. Knowing there is still so much to do, and so little time to do it in, you might want to enlist the help of a paid professional. In an effort to help you get ready for your big day, I have provided you with a wedding checklist to ensure you have a beautiful, memorable event. My number one piece of advice, “If you haven’t already secured a wedding planner to handleRead More →

Whether it’s for economic reasons or the desire for a more unique or intimate setting, choosing to host your wedding at your home or that of a close relative or friend, or in an outdoor setting adds a warm, personal touch to your celebration. Start planning early. Take into consideration the actual wedding ceremony site, will it be indoors and where, or outdoors? Consider your needs for handling food, restroom facilities, the ceremony itself, and any special guest accommodations required. Don’t forget about insects! You may need to arrange a commercial spraying for insects a few hours before your guests arrive. And, check with yourRead More →